Club officers 1998

  • President ... John Brown, KE4HIE
  • Vice-President... Bart Gowan,  WA8YPX
  • Treasures ... Lehn Lambert, KF4CTA¹
  • Secretary .. Larry DeFilippi, KF4GRA

Club Trustees 1998

  • Call sign (KF4YXB)... Dave Curran,  WD4RCO²
  • Repeater Trustee... Jerry Atchison, KA4IHE


John Brown (KE4HIE), Dave Curran (WD4RCO) , and Larry DeFilippi (KF4GRA) attended an advanced SKYWARN spotter training class January 17th in Hoover, Alabama presented by Mr. Brian Peters (WD4EPR) from the NOAA Weather office in Alabaster.   The following weekend John and Larry attended the ARRL-Alabama Section Meeting in Clanton.  John, Lehn, Dave and Larry attended the Greenville HAMFEST January 31st.  Dave ( WD4RCO)² passed the written test for Extra.   Now he is planning to take the 20 WPM code exam in May.   Congratulations Dave!


In March several SARC members met at Jerry's mother house for another yard sale fund raiser.   The weather was not too suitable that day, as we just about got rained out.   Other fundraiser activities will be planned in the future.


On May 9th, one of the planned antenna raising days at the EOC was not totally unproductive.  Several members gathered at Larry's ( KF4GRA) QTH to get  10-meter, and 40/80 dipole antennas higher up the tower.   If you can't find Larry on 2 meters, he's probably lost somewhere making contacts on 10 meters.

Following the May SARC meeting,  Jeff Ward (NT4Y) gave a demonstration of APRS and answered questions.   This was a very informative presentation.   Several club members have since gotten APRS working, or plan to do so in the near future.


After several attempts to get the HF and 2-meter antennas replaced atop the Covington County Courthouse, on June 6th the task was finally accomplished.    The weather was cooperative and there was a good turnout for the antenna party.

As the Field Day 1998  weekend approached, several activities took place.    Dave Curran (WD4RCO)² met with the mayors of Paxton, Florida and Florala to issue proclamations declaring the week of June 21-27, 1998 as Amateur Radio Week.   Larry (KF4GRA) did likewise for Andalusia.   Pictures were taken for the proclamations in Paxton and Andalusia on Friday June 12th almost at the same time.   Dave went to Paxton at 8:00 AM CDT while a group of SARC club members assembled at the Mayor's Office in  Andalusia.

Another new Ham is ready to get on the air. John Chumley, the director for the Covington County Chapter of Red Cross went to Dothan, Alabama on June 13th and passed the Technician test.  He now has the callsign KF4YZD.  Congratulations John! The old "nonamateur call of BR549" needs a new candidate for amateur Radio trainee!

John Brown, president of the South Alabama Radio Club and Dave Curran sent in the paperwork for a club callsign.  Dave is  trustee of the club callsign KF4YXB which was issued June 16th.


The summer has been busy with two hurricanes to visit the area.   Earl didn't bring too much damage, but George was a different situation.  John, KE4HIE and Jerry KA4IHE manned the EOC providing information to ARES/RACES stations in Covington and neighboring counties in Alabama and Florida.


Election of club officers took place at the annual meeting in December held at the Golden Coral in Andalusia.

¹KF4CTA is the old call sign.  Lehn took advantage of the vanity call sign from the FCC and now has the vanity call sign N4GLL.
²WD4RCO is the old call sign.  Dave took advantage of the vanity call sign from the FCC and now has the vanity call sign KB4ET.