Club officers 2001

  • President ... Bart Gowan,  WA8YPX
  • Vice-President... Allen Scofield,  KG4CNA
  • Treasures ... Lehn Lambert, KF4CTA¹
  • Secretary .. John Brown, KE4HIE

Club Trustees 2001

  • Call sign (KF4YXB) ... Bart Gowan,  WA8YPX
  • Repeater ... Lehn Lambert,  KF4CTA¹


Bart WA8YPX had an article in the local paper inviting anyone interested in finding out about Amateur radio to come to our club meeting.   We had a very productive club meeting in January with one prospective new member in attendance.  If sufficient interest develops, SARC members would like to hold a theory class.

Several members attended the Greenville, AL Hamfest January 27th.


SARC members met at the repeater site February 2nd to install a receiver preamp and improve the grounding to the radio shack.

Pat Henagan KG4LNX was voted in as a new member at the February club meeting. Welcome to the club Pat.


The March meeting was the annual SKYWARN Spotter training class. Gary Beeler, Weather coordinator from the Mobile Weather Service Office came to present the class to 24 participants.

Several members attended the PARC Hamfest in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.   Lehn KF4CTA¹ had a table and club members enjoyed visiting in addition to looking for those items we could not live without.


John KE4HIE and Lehn KF4CTA¹ had to make some adjustments to the repeater when the Transmit amplifier ceased functioning.   Coax to the receive and transmit antennas were swapped with an improved imput signal for area stations.  Hopefully when the amplifier on the transmit antenna is repaired the transmit signal will also improve.

At the April club meeting Glenn Brazier KG4BLR became a new member.


Several club members attended the Birmingham Hamfest on May 5th.

During the May SARC club meeting plans were made for Field Day to be held at Point A campground in June.


An informal meeting was held Wednesday June 13 at the QTH of WA8YPX to make final preparations for Field Day.  At the regular scheduled meeting on June 21, Dan Constable KC7LFG and his XYL, Ann, were voted in as members.   Also in attendance at the meeting was Bobby KG4KGX.

This year during Field Day we were blessed with sunny weather.  SARC members had a great time at Point A Campgrounds.  16 people operated radios, logged contacts, and/or prepared food during the weekend for Field Day.  The club call, KF4YXB was used for Field Day.  Thanks to all who participated.  

Bill N4EMA and his son Sonny KG4EPG came to visit from Defuniak Springs, FL.  


July 2, 2001 I got the TA33W mounted on my tower thanks to the help of Bill K4QBH and Dave WD4RCO².

At the July SARC Club meeting Bobby KG4KGX and Elaine Tyree were voted in as members.


The SARC Christmas party was held at Green's Barbecue in Gantt.  The SARC regularly scheduled december meeting was held at the Andalusia Public Library Dixon Room annex where the business meetign was conducted.  New officers were elected for 2002.   Thanks to those who held office for 2001.  

¹KF4CTA is the old call sign.  Lehn took advantage of the vanity call sign from the FCC and now has the vanity call sign N4GLL.
²WD4RCO is the old call sign.  Dave took advantage of the vanity call sign from the FCC and now has the vanity call sign KB4ET.