Club officers 2002

  • President ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Vice-President... Allen Scofield,  KG4CNA
  • Treasures ... Billy Liles, KE4UAD
  • Secretary .. Larry DeFilippi, KF4GRA

Club Trustees 2002

  • Call sign (WC4M) & Repeater Trustee ... Bart Gowan,  WA8YPX


Bob Luman W4MPQ gave a presentation about the current link system for Alabama at the January SARC Club meeting.   He also discussed possibilities of the SARC repeater connecting with this linkage.

Several members attended the Pike County AL Hamfest January 27th.


Club members were sad to hear that Bruce N4ZEZ  became a silent key February 7th.

Gary Beeler, Warning Coordinator Meterologist with NWS Mobile presented a Severe Weather Spotter course to approximately 20 people at the Andalusia Public library for the February 21st Club meeting.


Several club members attended the PARC Hamfest in Ft. Walton on March 16th.   At the March meeting initial planning for Field Day 2002 was begun.


The FCC issued the new vanity call WC4M to the South Alabama Radio Club on April 19,2002.


John was able to borrow a set of cans from Bob W5RE for use on the repeater.  Thanks for the use of the cans Bob!

Bob W4MPQ was able to tune them for our repeater.   The cans have greatly increased the coverage area for the repeater.   Plans are to make additional adjustments to increase power output so the repeater can be heard better in the fringe areas of coverage.

Dave KB4ET donated some coax and dipoles to the club for use during Field Day.  Thanks for the items Dave.   The club now has 2 additional 40 meter dipols to use.


John KE4HIE checked the repeater output and found it was transmitting 8 Watts.  He increased the output.  The fringe coverage area is significantly increased now.  Thanks for the work John.

Final preparations for Field Day were made at the June club meeting prior to field day.   SARC members had a fun time at Point A Park.  The weather was not too bad even though a few showers fell at the Field Day site.  24 members and family members were in attendance for Field Day.

John KE4HIE went to Montgomery June 29th testing sesson and successfully completed requirements for extra class.  Congratulations John and enjoy your new priveledges.


Glenn KG4BLR went to the PARC testing sesson September 14th and successfully completed requirements for general class.   Congratulations Glenn and enjoy your new priveledges.

Club members accepted the application of Larry Walker N4TSJ as a new club member.  Welcome back Larry!


SARC members enjoyed good fellowship and food at the Annual Christmas Party held at the Uptown Cafe in Florala, AL.  Those who were unable to attend, we hope you will be able to join us next year.

Have a Merry Christmas and safe holiday season.  May 2003 be a prosperous one with much propagation and fun on the amateur bands!

The Annual business meeting was held December 19, 2002.   Elected for next year were the following:

  • President .... John Brown KE4HIE
  • Vice-President .... Larry Richards WA4LR
  • Treasurer .... Billy Liles KE4UAD
  • Secretary .... Glen Brazier KG4BLR
Congratulations and thanks for serving in these capacities for next year.