Club officers 2004

  • President ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Vice-President... Larry Richards,  WA4LR
  • Treasures ... Billy Liles, KE4UAD
  • Secretary .. Debra Brown, KF4BOR

Club Trustees 2004

  • Call sign WC4M Trustee ... Bart Gowan,  WA8YPX
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... Larry Richards,  WA4LR


Happy New Year!

Following the January club meeting, Bob Luman W4MPQ presented a program on the AICN and discussed how the link works for a local repeater.  


The Covington County EMA in conjunction with the SARC held a SKYWARN Spotter training course February 19.   Mr Gary Beeler from NWS Mobile conducted the SKYWARN Spotter class.


South Alabama Radio Club Field Day Exercise Results from Frank Jackson State Park.   The South Alabama Radio Club members were able to contact Amateur Radio Stations in ALL 50 states including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and (3) Provinces of Canada ( Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia).


September 16th Hurricane Ivan paid a visit to Covington County.  John KE4HIE manned the amateur radio station at the Covington County EOC.  John was able to maintain contact with Clanton and NWS after power went out at the EOC by using the battery out of his personal vehicle.

Due to hurricane Ivan, the club meeting scheduled for September had to be postponed until October.


Jr KG4YWZ and Malcolm KG4IDV went to the PARC testing session to upgrade their amateur license.  JR passed the morse code and General written test while Malcolm passed the written Extra class exam.  Congratulations to both KG4YWZ and KG4IDV on your recent upgrade.  Enjoy your new privileges on the amateur bands.   Good DX!


The SARC Business meeting was held December 16, 2004.  The officers from last year agreed to serve another term so they were elected at the december meeting with no opposition.  Friday December 17 was the annual Christmas party at Country Folks Restaurant in Florala.  Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and meal.