Club officers 2006

  • President ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Vice-President... Larry Richards,  WA4LR
  • Treasures ... Billy Liles, KE4UAD
  • Secretary .. Tim Trent, KI4JDV

Club Trustees 2006

  • Call sign WC4M Trustee ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... Larry Richards,  WA4LR
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... Joe Rose,  KI4FMR


The board of directors met in January and recommended that the dues for 2006 be the same as last year which is $20 for single member and $30 for family membership.

We welcomed two new members to our Club: Travis Sasser,WA4PPQ who holds a General Class license and Chris Johns, KI4GGH who has already been an active participant in our Club and holds a Technician Class license.   Also, Jeff Mills was encouraged by the club to get his license with plenty of help offered.


Four (4) club members were present at the February club meeting.  Plans were started to prepare for Field Day in June.


NWS Mobile held a Severe Weather Spotter class in place of the regular March club meeting.  37 people attended the spotter class presented by Mr. Gary Beeler.

Several SARC members attended the Fort Walton hamfest March 18.  

Clayton Brown, Robert Harris, and Bobby Tyree tested at the Santa Rosa EOC the last week of March.   Clay and Robert passed the Technician test and Bobby KG4KGX passed the General.  Congratulations on your achievement and enjoy your amateur radio priveledges!


There were 5 members and 4 visitors present at the April club meeting.   Both Clay Brown KI4ONH and Robert Harris KI4ONI applied for club membership and were accepted at the April meeting.   John reported that Ben Bass passed his technician test and now has the call of KI4OEE.   Bobby Tyree KG4KGX took and passed his extra liscence test.   Congratulations on these achievements and enjoy your new Amateur operator priveledges!

A technician from Metrocall added a filter to the hospital paging system and repeater interference appeared to be removed from our input frequency when we checked after the filter was installed.  Gill Blue KB4FSK has gotten his 444.875 repeater back from the Enterprise club and plans to put it up at the Opp Hospital.  He has already mounted the antenna and feedline.

Club members were saddened to learn that Gill Blue KB4FSK had been diagnosed with cancer.

With regard to the Field Day site, John mentioned that FEMA moved the trailers from Frank Jackson State Part effective March 1.  Plans progressed to hold Field Day at that location again this year.


There were 8 members and 2 visitors at the May club meeting.   SARC has a new domain (wc4m.net) where the club web page now resides thanks to Clay Brown KI4ONH who applied for the domain and hosts the web site.  Jacob King KI4LFI applied for membership and was voted into SARC membership.  

Plans for Field day were finalized at the club meeting.


At the June club meeting Robert Lawrence KI4PPA, Tony Brown KI4PPB, and Wayne Alday KI4PPE applied for membership and were accepted into SARC membership.  Robert and Wayne applied for vanity liscenses.  Bob is now KI4RWL and Wayne is now KI4WEA

South Alabama Radio Club held their Field Day Exercise at Frank Jackson State Park.  Club members made 174 contacts including DX entities in Canada, Virgin Islands and Mexico despite the thunderstorms that kept members off the air for over 4 hours.  We had an hour radio remote broadcast by commercial station WOPP Saturday from 11:00am till noon from the pavilion.  Some of the visitors who came by the SARC Field Day Site this year included:

Members enjoyed the seafood meal Friday night and fellowship before the main activities for Saturday.  Saturday everyone had fun making contacts, eating the food at the cookout and fellowship.


Bobby Tyree KG4KGX applied for a vanity liscence and was granted the new call sign of K4BRT July 8th.  SARC President John KE4HIE congratulated our newest HAMS: Jeff Mills KI4QBT and Jeff Jernigan KI4ODP .  Both of these men now have their Technician liscense.  Also, congratulations were given to Pat KG4LNX and Tim KI4JDV for passing their written General test.


12 members and one visitor attended the August meeting.  Bob KI4RWL Sevelar members attended the Huntsville Hamfest


9 members and four visitors attended the September meeting.  Debra, Pat and Tim were appointed to serve on the Nomination committee for next year's officer slate to be presented at the November meeting.  Gil Blue KB4FSK became a Silent Key


11 members and seven visitors attended the October meeting.  George Wheeler KI4RNQ technician liscense, Vic Yingst KD5KI extra liscense, and Dee Yingst N5CKF general liscense applied for membership and were voted in.  SARC members participated in the Alabama simmulated emergency net.  The senario was an earthquake in Missouri.  Bridges, dams, the power plant in Gantt were checked as part of the test in Covington County.  


15 members and five visitors attended the November meeting.  The Nomination committee presented the following nominees for the respective office:

Mary Anne Moses KE7GYP and Tip Moses KE7GYO applied for membership and were voted in.


At the December club meeting The following were elected to serve as club officers for 2007.

SARC held its christmas Party at Tabby D's in Andalusia.  All enjoyed fellowship, as well as the meal.