Club officers 2007

  • President ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Vice-President... Pat Henagan,  KG4LNX
  • Treasures ... Wayne Alday, KI4WEA¹
  • Secretary .. Tim Trent, KI4JDV

Club Trustees 2007

  • Call sign WC4M Trustee ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... Joe Rose,  KI4FMR


The board of directors met in January and recommended that the dues for 2007 be the same as last year which is $20 for single member and $30 for family membership.

18 members and 1 guest attended the January meeting.  After the formal meeting ended, Bob Lawrence KI4RWL gave a presentation on emergency "Go bags".

Bob,KI4RWL and Wayne, KI4WEA passed the written test for General license class.


Severe weather Spotter Class was held on February 15 instead of the regular club meeting.


Wayne received his new vanity call W4WEA March 27, 2007.  18 members were present for the March meeting.


There were 20 members and 2 visitor present at the April club meeting.  Pat KG4LNX reported going to a meeting in Troy pertaining to D-Star. He had difficulty getting there but made it. It was discussed that the cost at this point is prohibitive.   Steve KE4VGB came from Crestview to share with us his tape measure antenna. Simple but effective.


The June club meeting was held at Frank Jackson State Park, Opp, Alabama in preparation for Field Day.  There were 17 members and 6present..   This years Field day was a joint effort between the Opp Amateur Radio Club and South Alabama Radio Clubs.

Members enjoyed the seafood meal Friday night and fellowship before the main activities for Saturday.  Saturday everyone had fun making contacts, eating the food at the cookout and fellowship.


16 members and three guests attended the July meeting.  


12 members attended the August meeting.


15 members and 4 visitors attended the September meeting.  Pat KG4LNX, Debra KF4BOR, and Bob KI4RWL were appointed to serve on the Nomination committee for next year's officer slate to be presented at the November meeting.   Billy Lyle KE4UAD passed the general exam and upgrade his license to General Class.  Congratulations Billy!   Enjoy your new license privileges!.


15 members and 3 visitors attended the November meeting.  The Nomination committee presented the following nominees for the respective office:


At the December club meeting, the following were elected to serve as club officers for 2008:

SARC held its Christmas Party at David's Catfish House n Andalusia.  All enjoyed fellowship, as well as the meal.

¹KI4WEA is the old call sign.  Wayne took advantage of the vanity call sign from the FCC and now has the vanity call sign W4WEA.