Club officers 2008

  • Pat - Henagan - KG4LNX - President
  • Bob Lawrence - KI4RWL - Vice President
  • Jeff Mills - KI4QBT - Secretary
  • Wayne Alday - K I4WEA¹ - Treasurer

Club Trustees 2008

  • Call sign WC4M Trustee ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... John Brown,  KE4HIE
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... Joe Rose,  KI4FMR
  • Repeater Trustee/Technician ... Pat Henagan,  KG4LNX


The board of directors met and recommended that the dues for 2008 be the same as last year which is $20 for single member and $30 for family membership.

15 members and 4 guest attended the January meeting.  Members discussed that the club needs to get the 147.260 repeater back in a useable condition. Currently has 15 watts out of duplexers.


12 members and 4 guest attended the February meeting.  


Severe weather Spotter Class was held on March 20 th instead of the regular club meeting.


There were 14 members and 4 visitor present at the April club meeting.  Bob W4MPQ went to repeater site and did some testing and mentioned that duplexer, harness and antenna need future testing or replacing.

Bob KI4RWL gave a demonstration of how to make a home preparedness kit.  PatKG4LNX invited everyone to stay after the meeting to have a Antenna party making Measuring tape Beam Antenna’s


There were 18 members and 3 visitor present at the May club meeting.  Mike Vigor passed the technician test and received a the call sign KJ4DPX .  Congratulations on your new privileges!   Mike KJ4DPX applied for membership into SARC and was voted in as a new member at the May meeting.


Everyone had a good time at Frank Jackson State Park, Opp, Alabama for Field Day. We had a 2-A station and made 117 contacts. We suspended operations (4) times due to lightning.

Members enjoyed the seafood meal Friday night and fellowship before the main activities for Saturday.  Saturday everyone had fun making contacts, eating the food at the cookout and fellowship.


10 members and 1 guest attended the July meeting.  


12 members and 7 guests attended the August meeting.  John Brown gave the program on how to pass traffic . He passed out ARRL Radiogram Sheets and went through how to copy and pass traffic on the forms


11 members and 1 visitor attended the September meeting.  


13 members and 1 visitor attended the November meeting.  The following people were nominated for the respective office:


At the December club meeting, the following were elected to serve as club officers for 2009:

SARC held its Christmas Party at Beef O’Bradys in Andalusia.  All enjoyed fellowship, as well as the meal.

¹KI4WEA is the old call sign.  Wayne took advantage of the vanity call sign from the FCC and now has the vanity call sign W4WEA.