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This page is devoted to the hard working members of the South Alabama Radio Club.   Any organization is only as strong as its members.   Our club is fortunate to have some devoted leaders to guide the club in its activites through the year ahead.   If you are interested in joining our club, or want additional Information.

  1. Geraldine Atchison KC4WNF
  2. Jerry Atchison KA4IHE
  3. Debra Brown KF4BOR
  4. John Brown KE4HIE ..... Repeater Technician
  5. Lamar Brown KT4DLB
  6. Larry DeFilippi KF4GRA ..... Secretary, web page editor
  7. Bart Gowan WA8YPX
  8. Pat Henagan KG4LNX
  9. Bob Lawrence KI4RWL ..... President
  10. Brent Maddox KJ4BBD
  11. Jeff Mills KI4QBT
  12. Tip Moses KE7GYO
  13. Mary Ann Moses KE7GYP
  14. Mark A Piper, Sr KK4WMG
  15. Jim Potter N4NID
  16. Malcolm Reed KG4IDV
  17. Joe Rose KI4FMR .... Repeater Technician
  18. Tim Trent KI4JDV
  19. Michael Vigor KJ4DPX
  20. Michael A Wells, MD K4RPM .... Vice-President


Covington County EMA Director